Did You Know Mug existed in 10000 BCE!

Did You Know Mug existed in 10000 BCE!
March 28, 2017 Bishnu Shil
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Personalised Mug

So, which came first, coffee, tea or Mug. An obvious question, right! If there was not coffee or tea then why would we have a Mug! Looks like an obvious logic! But hold on. there is an Interesting  fact. If we trace back in time, we find, coffee was brewed at around 1000 A.D., Tea in 2737 B.C. .But, the Mugs relate to pottery vessels during Neolithic Stone Age in China way back in 10000 BCE. So, surprisingly, Mugs existed before we had discovered coffee or Tea. But, those time, these vessels were made of metals like silver, gold, bronze or sometimes lead and so could not be used for holding hot liquid. As a result, wooden mugs were produced (which you might have seen in some epic movies). The invention of porcelain in China during around 600 CE created new era of thin walled mugs which were suitable for both hot and cold liquids. Even today, we are enjoying Porcelain mugs. We make the experience even better with the personalization of the mug that our customers to choose. Today, we have various kinds of Mug like, Magic Mug (Which changes color as you pour in hot liquid), Animal handled Mug, Heart shape Handled Mug and more. Enjoy your coffee with your personal Mug.

Magic Mug                                                                                                                       Animal Handled Mug


Radium Mug                                                                                                                      Terracotta Coffee Mug


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